About 45 km north of Naha Airport on Route 58. Our hotel is located along Route 58.

Address〒904-0496 1496 Tancha, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
For the customers arriving by rental carNaha Interchange to Ishikawa Interchange via the Okinawa Expressway Transit time about 70 minutes.
Arriving By LimousineDeparture From Naha Airport Transit time about 80 minutes
Arriving By TaxiDeparture From Naha Airport Transit Time About 70 minutes

Taxi Fee

northern part
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium70minutes¥9,960
Nago Roadside Station40minutes¥5,100
Nago Pineapple Park OKIANWA50minutes¥6,400
NeoPark OKINAWA50minutes¥6,400
The Busena Terrace30minutes¥3,700
Kise Beach Palace30minutes¥3,900
Hotel Resonex Nago50minutes¥6,600
Loisir Hotel Okinawa Churaumi (former Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi)70minutes¥9,960
kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas70minutes¥8,800
Mahaina Wellness Resort OKINAWA70minutes¥9,600
JAL Private Resort okuma90minutes¥11,600
southern part
Naha Airport70minutes¥10,660
Kokusaidori Street60minutes¥8,500
DFS Galleria OKINAWA60minutes¥8,000
Shurijo Castle60minutes¥8,000
OKINAWA Outlet Mall Ashibinaa90minutes¥10,300
Himeyuri-no-to Tower90minutes¥10,700
Okinawa Peace Memorial Park90minutes¥9,600
Okinawa World (Gyokusendo)80minutes¥9,800
Renaissance Okinawa Resort10minutes¥1,300
Manza Beach Resort15minutes¥1,800
Okinawa Kariyusi Beach Resort Ocean Spa20minutes¥3,600
OKINAWA Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel25minutes¥3,000
Hotel Nikko Alivila30minutes¥3,600
Laguna Garden Hotel45minutes¥5,600
Nakagami Hospital25minutes¥3,000
Chubu Hospital30minutes¥3,500
Naka Hospital30minutes¥3,150
Yamada Pediatrics15minutes¥1,700
tourist attraction
Cape Maeda15minutes¥1,800
Cape Manza15minutes¥1,800
Bios no Oka15minutes¥1,800
American Village30minutes¥4,600
Southeast Botanical Gardens30minutes¥3,600
Anpo no Oka30minutes¥3,400
Okinawa Chuo Park Avenue35minutes¥4,200
Nakagusuku Castle Remains40minutes¥5,700
golf course
Pacific Golf Management5minutes¥750
Okinawa Royal Golf Club15minutes¥1,800
The Atta Terrace Golf Resort25minutes¥2,600
Chura Orchard Golfe Club25minutes¥2,500
Zanpa Golf Club30minutes¥2,900
Kise Country Club30minutes¥3,800
Kanucha Golf Course70minutes¥8,200
Bel Beach Golf Club70minutes¥8,000
Naha Golf Club70minutes¥9,500
Ryukyu Golf Club70minutes¥9,500
Palm Hills Golf Resort Club70minutes¥9,500
Ginoza Country Club30minutes¥5,000

Taxi Tour Program Information

tour of the northern part
Rizzan→Cape Manza→Churaumi Aquarium→Nakijin Castle Remains→Nago Pineapple Park→Rizzan
7 hours course 20,000 yen
tour of the central part
Rizzan→Ryukyu-mura→Zakimi Castle Remains (world heritage)→Anpo no Oka→Southeast Botanical Gardens→Bios no Oka→Rizzan
5 hours course 15,000 yen
tour of the southern part
Rizzan→Shuri Castle→Okinawa World (Gyokusendo)→Glass boat→Okinawa Peace Memorial Park→Himeyuri-no-to Tower→Rizzan
8 hours course 22,000 yen
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