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Information Regarding Our Internet Corner and Home Delivery Desk for Sending Souvenirs Home

  • インターネットコーナー
Internet Corner
At the lounge, next to Plashante, wireless internet service is available or by using our 3 PCs. We also have 1 wired LAN connection for your PC.
Location2F next to Plashante
Available24 hours per day
Note3 PCs and 1 Wired LAN Connection
  • 宅配デスク
Home Delivery Service Desk
You can send souvenirs or other items to your home.
Location1F under the staircase
Prices for shipping in Japan
Size of boxOkinawa main islandOther islands of Okinawa Pref.KyushuShikoku ・ Chugoku ・ Kansai ・ Chubu
Hokuriku ・ Kanto ・ Shin-Etsu ・ Tohoku
60 size(13×23×13.5cm)¥550¥760 ¥1,400 ¥1,500¥1,550
80size(26×35×18.5cm)¥970 ¥2,110 ¥2,210 ¥2,420
100size(34×42×23.5cm)¥1,190 ¥2,670 ¥2,770 ¥2,980
120size(35×50×35cm)¥650¥1,410 ¥2,880 ¥3,080 ¥3,290
140size¥1,630 ¥3,190 ¥3,290 ¥3,800
170size\760 ¥1,850 ¥4,320 ¥4,630 ¥4.730
An additional charge for refrigerated items will be added to the charge listed above60・80 sizes - extra ¥210, for 100 size - extra ¥310 and for 120 size - extra ¥610
  • Items valued above ¥300,000 will not be accepted for home delivery.
  • Prices listed above include the cost of the cardboard box.
  • Refrigerated items are limited to boxes size 120 or smaller.
  • Bags and suitcases which don't fit in the provided boxes will be charged the same price as the 140 size box (120 size for golf bags).
  • An additional charge of \500 will be added for the golf bag cover.
  • The home delivery service may be delayed if the contents include aerosol sprays, lighter fluid or nail polish.
  • Please understand that prices and office hours are subject to change.
  • レンタカーディスク
Rental Car Desk
Car rental is recommended as there is limited public transportation for tourist activities.
LocationBeside the Front Desk on 2F
Orix Rental Car http://car.orix.co.jp/okinawa/
Please contact the following during off business hours
Orix Rental Car Onna Shop Phone: 098-965-3988
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