Ryukyu Dance & Eisa - "Ryukyu dancing and singing group Tin-gara"

This group of entertainers perform traditional Ryukyu dance and Eisa. The group's motto is " Make the audience happy!". The performance includes "Yotsu-dake" (classical court dancing with bright colored Bingata costumes to celebrate joyous occasions) along with other more casual dances. The most powerful and energetic performance is "Eisa”, a most enjoyable performance. They perform twice each evening at the Tanchame stage on the 2F. They also perform Okinawan folk music, using the Sanshin (a traditional Okinawan instrument), at "Shima-Uta". They are very popular among our guests.

  • 2F 谷茶前ステージでの演舞
Performance at Tanchmae Stage on the 2F
Their performances are "Yotsu-take" and "Eisa." The powerful "Eisa" is a must-see.
Period of timePerformed every evening
Time1st show 19:30 - 20:00 / 2nd show 20:45 - 21:15
LocationLocated at the Tanta-me stage on the 2F
※During summer, the location or time of the performance may be changed. In the event of any changes, we will notify you in advance.
  • 2F 谷茶前ステージでの演舞
Sanshin live music performance
There is a live performance show of singing accompanied by Okinawan instrument "Sanshin".
Period of timePerformed every evening
Time1st show 20:10 - 20:30 / 2nd show 21:30 - 21:50
LocationBeachside Izakaya "Shima-uta"
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