Rizzan Resort Wedding

Celebrate your resort wedding ceremony at Rizzan. wishing you a happiness surrounded by the sea and the sky.

Rizzan le Angemarry Chapel

The white wall and Spanish roof tiles blend well with the blue sky and the emerald green sea in front. The Rizzan le Angemarry Chapel is built based on the image of a chapel standing above the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of the wedding aisle of the chapel is the grandstand view of the sky and the sea, and nine angels celebrate your wedding above the altar. coined word in French> Ange=Angel/marry=sea, bride.
Capacity80 persons
Wedding aisle13 m long
Ceiling height15 m
Stained glassmade of Ryukyu glass
Chapel equipmentwaiting room / pipe organ / bell / storage shelf for memorial plate / wall painting of angel

Delicious food is the greatest hospitality

Guests invited to a wedding look forward to the food. Enjoy the sincerity of the hotel's chef represented by the "wedding that makes everyone smile" which is filled with Rizzan's hospitality such as a number of gorgeous and voluminous dishes, and a dessert buffet which raises girls' spirits.
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