The origin of Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel

Shree Guru Nanak DEV 's converter Guru Mukh Singh visited Okinawa in 1982. He was quoted as saying "this hotel’s name should be that of a man of great achievement who lived a life of love and sacrifice.” Thus, the hotel was named after one of the Ryukyu Kingdom era’s officials: Jyana Rizzan(1545-1611).

Since ancient times, this place has been called Tancha where villagers enjoyed drinking tea and dancing in the valley (tani). Our hope is all our visitors will enjoy physical and mental healing by the mighty ocean and be filled with love and joy.

About Jyana Uekata Rizzan

Uekata is one of the official names of the government of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Rizzan was the third highest ranking officer after the prince and aristocrats. He was born in Kume village (Kume - Naha City now). At the age of 16, he was appointed as an official and sent to Ming, China for study. After that, he became an envoy for Ming from Ryukyu. At the age of 57, he became one of the highest ranking officials of the government and supported king "Sho-Nei", the seventh king of the kingdom which was an independent country. On April 5th in 1609, the Satsuma-clan attacked the kingdom. Without enough weapons to fight against those with swords and guns, the kingdom was lost. King Sho-Nei, concerned for his people's safety, surrendered to the enemy and was brought to Satsuma. When Satsuma forced the Ryukyu Kingdom to submit themselves, only Rizzan,who had accompanied King Sho-Nei after the surrender, refused saying, "there is no meaning to life without the freedom of Ryukyu". He was excuted by Satsuma. This story was produced for television by NHK Taiga Drama with the actor Tooru Emori playing the role of Rizzan.

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