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Are there any ATMs inside the hotel?
We apologize for not having any ATMs inside the hotel. A convenience store outside the hotel has an ATM (about a 5 min. walk).
Are wheelchairs available?
We have 5 wheelchairs, at no charge, for guest use only. Please make a reservation in advance by e-mail or by phone.
Can I use credit cards?
Yes, credit cards are accepted at vending machines, coin lockers and most shops.
【Accepted Credit Cards】
Can we rent a car at the hotel?
We have an Orix Rent-A-Car desk inside the hotel. You can make reservations at the desk.
Orix Rent-A-Car desk business hours: 8:00~12:00
Please contact this number during non-business hours.
Orix Rent-A-Car Onna Branch: Phone 098-965-3900
Where is the nearest expressway IC?
The nearest IC is Ishikawa IC about 6km (10 min.) from the hotel.
What is the parking fee?
A single night stay for 1 car is \500 (tax inculded). The maximum charge is \1,500 (tax included).
Are pets allowed?
We do not allow any pets except guide dogs. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.
Is it possible to send packages from the hotel?
There is a "Home Delivery Counter" on the 1F. The company is OAS Air (Japan Transport Pelican Okinawa Branch). Prices and delivery times may vary according to destination.
I'd like to send a package before l arrive at the hotel.
We will keep your package at the coatroom next to the front desk until your arrival. If you use this system, please write the name of the guest who reserved the room and the check-in date on the package then send it to the address below.

1496 Tancha, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Front Desk
TEL +81 98-964-6611

When you check-in, please ask the clerk for your package. He or she will have it delivered to your room.
※Please do not send valuable, fragile, or dangerous items as well as plants or animals.
Are there laundry machines in the hotel?
There are 2 Service Stations on each guest room floor. At each station, there are 2 coin-operated washing machines and dryers, 2 vending machines and 1 ice machine. The washing machine costs \200 for 30 min. and the dryer costs \100 for 30 min. Laundry detergent is provided free of charge. 。
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